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5 Functions Your Website Should Have 2020

Websites have evolved to do so many business processes these days but one good question is “Do we need all that jazz?” If you run a business, you might already have a website. Well and good. But is it one of those sites that people just click back 4 seconds into loading your landing page? Time to look into your website and see if it gives you the 5 basic functions every business website should have in 2020.


1. Payment Gateway

If your site does not have a payment gateway in it then you are missing the whole point of being online as a business. You basically have an online catalog but with no cash register to punch in a sale. Get your bank in order and make sure your web developer can set this up for you. Having your own payment gateway cuts the middlemen and you get to transact directly from your customer straight to your coffers.


2. Highlighted Products

Sure, information is something people are looking for but we need to help them find what you are offering pronto. If you are not selling anything then people won’t be buying. Think of a ‘menu’. That’s basically what your shop site is. People often buy with a smile when they like what they see on the menu. Well lit photos and a little bit of curation should do the trick.


3. Traffic Monitoring

If you can’t count how many people are entering the store, then you are might as well be operating a store with the lights off. Your site must be able to feed you data of users, their movement patterns within your store. If you are updated quarterly with site traffic, you might be a turtle


4. An Explainer Video

It’s a video. If you can’t tell your story in a video then we might as well go back to the stone age. Make it a shot of espresso. 30 secs and get them hooked back in. Tell them who you are, what you offer and why they should choose you.


5. Live Chat Function

A store should always have a shop keeper. If you have not invested in a built-in live chat system then you have a customer with a menu in hand and yet no one is asking for orders. No one is making item recommendations and no one is upselling. Setting up the right plug-in and setting up a professional contact center is a top priority.


Your website is a trap. It should function like one but shouldn’t look like one. Design your trap according to your game. Build your site for your customers and make sure it is equipped with simple yet functions that would help bring in the sales!