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Do I Need Live Chat Function

What is Live Chat Function and will your website need it?

If your site is a store, well would you leave your customers bumbling about without supervision? Would you not observe what they do in your store? Sure page analytics could give you that data but we are talking about real-time engagement right here. is one of these plug-ins that we currently installed in our shop sites. It is one of the most promising ones in the market right now and has great potential in the coming months.

What can a Live Chat Function do for me and my business?

Alright, we will make it very simple. Having a live chat function allows you to do 3 things.

  1. Free up you shop site with just the items you want to really promote right away. Think of your site as a menu. The greatest menu design push not only the specials but what you really want to get off the shelves. Take this to mind as your key items are the main convincers for that purchase that is just a few clicks away.
  2. Engage right away. The average customer will take a couple of times to look for an item they would want to purchase. This process will include searching for other similar products for comparison and assessing the purchase from there. With a chat function enabled, and well placed in your site, you are creating an opportunity to interact right away to a customer.
  3. At, we believe that what you give for free is who you are. If prompt customer service is one of your key pillars of service, then that is how they will remember you. At this age of expediency, getting to talk to an actual agent, getting information you need right away is precious. Give something for precious for free! Giving the time to connect with a possible customer will go a long way!
The live chat fucntion is powerful tool and like all tools, the right person behind it is what matters! Understanding how to maximize this function to your business going to be big as the digital age brings us closer together and together now.