Explainer: Capital gains tax

If you buy and sell an investment property, you may be required to pay capital gains tax (CGT) on that sale.It’s important to understanding this tax when buying or selling a home. What is CGT? This is a tax that you are required to pay on any capital gain earned on the sale of an […]

Do I Need Live Chat Function

What is Live Chat Function and will your website need it? If your site is a store, well would you leave your customers bumbling about without supervision? Would you not observe what they do in your store? Sure page analytics could give you that data but we are talking about real-time engagement right here. Tawk.to […]

5 Functions Your Website Should Have 2020

Websites have evolved to do so many business processes these days but one good question is “Do we need all that jazz?” If you run a business, you might already have a website. Well and good. But is it one of those sites that people just click back 4 seconds into loading your landing page? […]