Katuparan Farmers Cooperative is a community-driven initiative with a heartfelt mission: cultivating prosperity for farmers and fostering livelihood in the community. Specializing in the creation of wholesome dog treats, they blend the finest ingredients—succulent rabbit meat, wholesome peanuts, golden honey, hearty rolled oats, and nutritious sweet potatoes. Through their dedication to sustainable farming practices and the artistry of treat-making, Katuparan Farmers Cooperative not only nourishes our four-legged friends but also sows the seeds of economic growth and well-being within the community.

Introducing our artisanal dog treats, a delectable blend of premium rabbit meat, hearty oats, honey, peanuts, and sweet potatoes—expertly baked for a taste sensation. Packed with lean protein for strong muscles and digestive-friendly oats, each bite is a treat for your furry friend.

Indulge your pup with the natural sweetness of sweet potato, a nutrient-rich root vegetable that provides essential vitamins for vitality. The hearty addition of rolled oats not only lends a satisfying crunch but also delivers a boost of fiber to support digestive health and energy levels.

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